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Allows doctors to see patients either In-Person or at distance with the ease and simplicity of an online consultation, but with the clinical quality of a complete physical exam.

CareSpan Asia Inc.

Integrated Digital Care Platform

An Integrated Digital Care delivery software platform, is an advanced-technological pathway at the forefront of healthcare delivery transformation that improves efficiency & creates new value for quality of care by:

Developing Increased Capabilities to Examine, Diagnose & Treat Patients

Dramatically Expanding Access to Medical Services

  • Immediate Access to Medical Care

  • Medical Assessment documentation on Electronic Health Records

  • Population Health Quotient

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Market Value Stream

  • Enhanced Patient-Doctor Engagement with virtual consultation for Patient Retention & Acquisition

  • Dynamic documentation on Electronic Health Records for Online & In-Person consultations

  • Integration with operating systems for seamless work processes

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  • Enhanced Employee Engagement

  • Integration with operating systems for seamless work processes

  • Actionable Information for Employees Health Quotient & Wellness Programs

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Stay Connected with CareSpan Asia

Welcome to CareSpan's social media posts section, where we keep our community updated on our latest news, events, and insights. As a healthcare technology company, we are committed to improving patient outcomes and transforming the healthcare industry. 


Dr. Che Dela Vina

"The CareSpan platform allows me to create my patient’s story at every consultation. It provides me with a comprehensive platform to store pertinent information that allows me to provide better patient care. Even on the go, I can go back to my patient’s health record and have a precise basis for health-related decisions. It not only serves as my online consultation platform but also as my clinic EMR for face-to-face consults."
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